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Electronic Vehicle Registration Renewal

If you receive your Registration Renewal Application and it states Insurance Stamp required, visit Singlepoint EVR (Electronic Vehicle Registration)

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Enter vehicle info and receive email to pay renewal fee online.  The new registration and sticker will be delivered in 1-2 business days.

MA RMV Customer Drop Off

With many MA RMV locations still closed due to the COVD 19 health concerns, processing many transactions can be completed online.  There are still instances where paperwork needs to be done in person, so a select number of branch offices are now offering customer drop off service.

Visit to find out how it works.

Call or email your agent today to make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

In the past it has been our practice to run to the RMV for customers, but new procedures at the RMV have delayed processing for agent drop offs.  Customer transactions are being completed within a day or two, where our bundles are taking 7-10 days.  If you need it done quicker, we recommend using the Customer Drop Off sites.  You drop it off, pay by email and they mail the new plates/registration directly to you.

Insurance Score

Insurance score can effect the price you get for Home Insurance.
As the attached article mentions, MA is one of 3 states where it is illegal for companies to use credit score to price Auto Insurance.  What that article doesn't tell you is, MA insurance carriers are able to run what is called a
n Insurance Score for Homeowners pricing.

Your insurance score is a combination of credit and insurance claim data used to determine eligibility for preferred rates or credits.  As good credit can result in savings, credit problems or claims frequency can lead to higher rates and possibly a declination of coverage.

If you would like to find out more please contact your local independent insurance agent.

Insurance Score

Motorcycle Drivers

MC Safety

Snow is on the way out.  Rain will wash away the sand and salt.  Riders are itching to dust off the bike.  Before you open the garage, give your agent a call to make sure you return coverage to adequate road use limits.

Be safe and Enjoy the ride!

Happy Birthday! Dont forget to check your license

Many people are finding out the hard way that their license has expired.  Since the MassRMV went "green" and stopped mailing paper notices to renew drivers licenses, many people are not finding out until its too late and they are getting a hefty violation or possible trip to the police station.

Five years is a long time to remember you have to renew your license.  You can make a reminder, but if you're like me its always nice when someone is checking for you.  Sign up today for the Allmass Fernekees Registry Reminder Service to receive email reminders for important License, Registration and Inspection renewals.

Click Here to Access MassRMV Online Services and save yourself a trip to the local branch.

Embarrassment Becomes a Crime

"Because computer science has yet to discover a systematic way to find and fix all the vulnerabilities in real-world systems before they get deployed, independent security researchers who discover and report weaknesses have become an essential part of the security ecosystem." Wired / Opinion / tech

This article brings up a very scary fact about the ease in which people have navigated through internet security.  In the last 20 years people have grown up in a world that has connected everyone, for better and worse.  The internet is becoming the easiest way for criminals to steal from people.  

Protect Yourself:
Ask your insurance agent today about Identity Theft Coverage
The ease in which we connect with family and friends also opens us up to the danger of hackers and identity thieves.  We are firmly in a time when generations of children have grown up in a digital world where its simple as a couple of taps on a pad to be looking at family on the other side of the world. These connections unfortunately also make it possible for billions of people to reach your personal information.

Unfortunately thieves have taken to the web with an acuity that almost seems to be an evolution of sorts.  We see the advancement of technological evolution every day.  The disparity in understanding of computers from our parents to us can be astounding.  I cant get my dad to understand what a tab is, but there are kids out there hacking into government websites on their phones.

There isn't much we can do to stop people from trying, but if you actively protect yourself a lot of damage can be saved.